12 kashmiri shawl walas showing CCTV footage of theft of Rs475000

A group of kashmiri peoples in Punjab has business of Kashmir Shawl in Punjab, their money has been stolen, they are from the kupawara lolab they said.

They say that there is an old man living with them who was ill and he was taken to the doctor for a checkup. During that time, a thief had come and broke the whole house and stolen all the money.

5 lakhs have been stolen from their room and they said that there are 10 people, out of which 3 people’s money was stolen.


FIR has been re-recorded and according to the police the culprit is seen in the CCTV footage and police also assured them for the help and justice.

They are living in the digital Jalandhar Adampore area in Punjab ,they are suffering from lots of problems due to this incident and the don’t have any money left for their use.

They requested for their help, as they are helpless now.