13-year-old delivers baby in Hyderabad school toilet, rape case registered

A 13-year-old girl had a baby inside a government school toilet on Tuesday, shocking faculty and other school staff.

According to, the girl complained of stomach ache after which she was sent to the washroom by her teacher, along with a classmate. The classmate returned to report that the girl had delivered a baby.

The teachers then moved the girl and the newborn to another room, while the girl’s parents were contacted. A police complaint was filed on Monday, alleging that the girl had been raped by her neighbour, but only after there was shock and outrage.

Reports state that the girl’s parents knew she was pregnant but kept the matter secret due to the social stigma involved.

The school staff claimed no one, including 13 women teachers, had noticed that the girl student had been pregnant.

“She is very slim and would walk with a dupatta on her stomach and she would sit with her bag on her lap, so we didn’t know,” said the girl’s teacher. But the teen’s friends said she had been very aloof of late and refused to come out to play.

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