2 feared dead after fire breaks out in Murshidabad Hospital

A fire broke out at Murshidabad Medical College and Hospital on Saturday in a crowded afternoon hour just as the visiting time for relatives was ending, killing two people.
“There were two casualties; both women,” said Subhasish Saha, chief medical officer health, Murshidabad.
Four fire engines were deployed and the flames “have been completely controlled”, he told the media. “The panic was far more than the scale of fire warranted. I am standing at the children’s ward where the fire struck.”
Relatives were seen breaking the glass of windows to bring out children from the ward.
The fire originated from an AC machine, according to Suhrita Pal, medical supervisor and vice principal of the hospital. “We have fire prevention and fighting equipment in the hospital.
We have to find out how it happened,” she added.
The hospital is typically crowded during day, and at any point of time it has at least 200 patients and their relatives present.
Flames were first noticed at the first floor of the hospital near the children ward. Soon, the stretch was filled with thick smoke, amid which parents and relatives began running out carrying the children admitted in the ward.
According to early reports, about two dozen people were affected by the smoke.
The OT and the male ward are located on the ground floor.
The hospital was upgraded to a medical college in 2010-11. Construction work in some facilities is going on.
Memories of a devastating fire that claimed more than 90 lives in 2011 in AMRI Dhakuria are still alive in public memory.
Earlier this week, a fire a broke out in the OT of a subdivisional hospital in Katwa of Burdwan district. That blaze, too, was triggered by an AC.

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