2 Policemen arrested for taking bribe at Lakhanpur

Bribing and taking bribe is the core reason of corruption. A lot of these complaints have been heard and filed at Lakhanpur border since last few weeks and now finally when 2 policemen were caught on spot for taking bribe, they have been arrested.

A senior Police official said “Since many days we were getting the complaints about some lower level functionaries taking money from people and helping them get through the border quickly. With logic, there’s no need to give money as the waiting time has reduced to 10-15 minutes. But people can’t even wait for that much time and refill their forms. Some wrong elements in the department were converting this opportunity into money. So, we put a decoy, Mr. Jaipal Singh who’s also a sub-inspector with a team of 2-3 members in civil clothes. They offered money on all check posts and all of them refused except at a mid-barigate where one SPO agreed to take bribe and give the form in return. He took the depoy at a distance of 400 metres, took money and told him to bring the pre-filled form at the barigate which he was given by the SPO. It proved that they have some pre-filled form.”

When it was established that they are supporting corruption, all the police officials at the barigade were rounded up and taken to the nearest Police Station. An ASI among them was found having a pre-filled form in his pocket. Since this ASI and SPO were working at the same place, the matter was clear that they were doing it intentionally.

“We immediately filed an FIR against them. The FIR number is 90/2020 in Police Station Lakhanpur. It is under IPC article 420, 471, 188, 269, 270 and 271. We have also taken actions against senior official who was in charge of them and have written to DIG, Jammu-Kathua-Samba for his suspension and departmental enquiry. This is the 8th FIR in recent times. Before the waiting period was too long and this thing was understood but from 7 days Lakhanpur has become streamline completely. The treatment with labour is completely human. Their test is done as soon as possible and given free bus service from Lakhanpur to Jammu. Some people especially with LMVs (Light motor vehicles) are not ready to wait and bribing the lumpen elements of our department who are ruining the hard work of Kathua Police. Through their interrogation it has been found that they have done this several times. Therefore, we have arrested them and put behind the bars. There are 3working shifts and these 2 were from the 2nd shift reporting at DPL Kathua.” He added.

Well this is unbelievable that how some toxic elements of the Society try to destroy the reputation of the department and the Country. Corruption has looted many people in fact, many homes too. In a Country where half of the population is dying due to hunger and poverty, others want to raise their levels adopting illegal methods. First Politicians were believed to do all this but now these mean practices have become part of everyone’s life. We strictly need to stop this otherwise get ready for a future that no one wants to see!