23-Year-Old Woman Dies While Dancing at Crowded Skrillex Concert in Gurgaon

GURGAON:  A young woman died on Sunday while dancing at a crowded concert of American star Skrillex in Gurgaon near Delhi.

Anchal Arora, 23, collapsed and could not be revived, the police say.

Anchal was from north Delhi and had gone with a group of friends to attend the concert at Leisure Valley Ground. Police sources say the venue was packed with a bigger crowd than it could possibly manage.

Anchal may have died of a cardiac arrest due to suffocation, say the police, but it will be confirmed only by a post mortem report.

A doctor said Anchal hadn’t had any food or drink for several hours and her stomach and intestines were completely clean. “It could be exhaustion and overcrowding that hit her,” he said.

When she fell to the ground, her friends tried to wake her and then took her to a hospital, where she was declared dead.

One report quotes a doctor as saying that she could have fainted because of a sharp drop in her pressure and heart rate.

The police say they were informed that the venue would have a maximum of 8,000 people, but at least 2,000 more showed up to hear Skrillex, a six-time Grammy winner.

Anchal, the police say, was the youngest in her family.

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