27 PoK guests arrives, 6 Kashmiri cross to other side of LoC

Twenty six fresh guests from Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) arrived here while only six Kashmiris crossed over to other side of the Line of Control (LoC) today to meet their relatives, separated due to partition in 1947.

As many as 34 returnees also crossed sides at the Kaman post, the last Indian military post on this side of the LoC in Uri sector, official sources said. They said during the summer the number of PoK guests increases while in winter, when the mercury goes below freezing time, it goes down.

Similarly during the winter, the number of Kashmiris crossing to PoK increases while it goes down in summer. They said 27 PoK residents, including seven women and as many children, arrived at Kaman post after crossing the Aman Setu, peace bridge on foot.

A Kashmiri resident who had gone to PoK also returned to his home after completing stay across the LoC. Six Kashmiri residents, including a woman and a child, crossed over to other side of the LoC to meet their relatives.

They said 33 PoK residents, who had arrived here in previous Karvan-e-Aman bus, returned to their homes after completing stay in Kashmir. They included eight women and four children, sources said.

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