3 facts about the Longest Village in Ladakh

Jasleen Kour

Chuchot village is the longest village of Ladakh surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is around 13 km far away from the main city of Leh district. This village is located at the bank of Indus River and is the main source of water for irrigation purpose.



People here rear cattle and harvest fields. Farther away from the bank, the other side of the village has vast barren lands.

The first amazing fact about this village is that Polo and archery are the most common sports in the region but very less people know about this. Polo was basically originated from the Chuchot Village and after that it became popular.


Second amazing fact, this village grows a large amount of wild seabuck thorn that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Sea buckthorn is one of the most medicinally important fruit, it has been used in China from quite some time to heal various ailments. It is a part of many modern day allopathic and Ayurvedic formulations. This fruit is quite rich in three Omega oils, besides a host of antioxidants and other nutrients. This fruit is also very helpful in increasing the skin glow and boost immunity. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals too.  One must try this drink in Ladakh and you can easily get it from any shop.


Former BDO, Chuchot Village Leh told newspoint team that ‘’ In this village multi cultural religious people live together.  Muslim and Buddhist is the major community in this village”.

“In our Village, at least one member from each family is serving in the Indian Army, whether it is Indo Pak war or 1999 war people have been martyred from our village.  In fact just in my neighborhood one young man was martyred during his service.  We are proud that we live in such a village where people have given their lives for the country’’.

He further added that “during the tense situation at LOC, we are voluntary standing with our Indian Army”.


Talking to a local resident, Hussain told us that “in this village around 90 percent of people are serving in Ladakh scout and 10 percent are serving in other wings of the Indian Army”.

In this village maximum people are dependent upon agriculture and you will see more greenery in this village, he added.

He further added that on the other side of the village, far away from the bank of the river, there is barren land, if the agriculture department comes up with some irrigation plans the infertile land can also be turned into cultivation land.



One of the 10th class student, who is an ice roller skater player from chuchot village said that ‘’we don’t have any stadium where we can practice so during this pandemic, roads are not much busy so we practice on roads for the tournaments that have to be held in winters’’.



Talking about the education he told us that ”online classes are not that much helpful, as network problem is a big issue in our village”.

So these are some amazing facts about this village.  So if you are interested in experiencing the village life of Ladakh then this village is a perfect choice that can make your trip more exciting.