30 NC youth leaders resigned from the party.

By Shabbir Hussain_

The NC has again suffered a major setback in Jammu and Kashmir. 30 youth leaders of NC,(National Conference) today have given resigned in surankot.

A few days ago one of the main leaders left the National Conference, but again 30 youth leaders have given resign, including Panch Sarpunch.

On Tuesday NC leader syed mushtaq bukhari resigned from the party after his resignation Bukhari said that he could no longer hesitate in helping any party with a view to help the Pahari community in accomplishing the Scheduled Tribe status.

They surely say that the only who will supply them the reputation of Pahari, they will support them, because the last few days meeting changed into happening for Pahari fame, that’s why most of these leaders are leaving the support of the National Conferencel and moving forward for the Pahari repute.

Farooq Abdullah had also said in a conference that he does not read any difference with this type of person but today 30 leaders have given a big jolt to the National Conference by giving the signature