4 dead, 5 critically injured

In a tragic and very unfortunate accident of a tipper bearing registration no. JK02W- 2414 on its way from Gool to Dharmari on Thuroo-Budhan road at Dimme, three persons were died on the spot and out of five other critically injured, one was missed at Dharmari while airlifting to Jammu today. The dead included Mohd Rayaz son of Mohd Hussain, Mohd Shafi son of Ahamadulla, Mushtaq Ahmed son of Abdulla, Mazamal Hussain son of Mohd Hussain and injured were Mohd Shafi son of Mohd Zaied, Shabir Hussain son of Mohd Afzal, Mohd Hussain son of Baaja and driver Mohd Rafiq son of Abdul Hameed. No doubt the medical teams led by BMO Mahore Dr Ashraf Kohli from Mahore and Dharmari rushed to the spot for providing first aid to the victims but how could they be successful in saving the people who are very rapidly lose their precious lives due to improper net work of roads constructed with out following norms and guidelines. Sources disclosed that the Thuroo-Budhan road has been constructed by the works department in an uncaring way besides ignoring the specifications and laid down rules. The grading of the road at many locations is very high and also makes the ground clear for mishaps and accidents. The road has been dug by the contractor on its own with out keeping in view the exact survey of the engineers and set rules. It is also obvious from the construction of the road that the responsible agencies have rarely visited the sites and not monitored the construction work fully. Locals further disclosed that during the construction of road, administration was alerted for restraining the contractor and executing agencies from wilful construction of road but all the public requests were taken very casually and ignored considering them as irrelevant complaints.
There is apprehension of more accidents on this road if not reduced in grading and made it fit for smooth plying of vehicles. The movement of vehicles on this shabby road should be restricted by the administration till the moment the raod is either altered in direction or reduced in slope as per the terms and conditions.

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