4 tips to drive your woman crazy while having sex

March 8: When it comes to your sex life, foreplay is indeed important and plays a vital role in your sex play. Things you are doing, might be getting repetitive, but don’t worry, there is always something for you and your partner that you haven’t tried yet.

Here are four amazing foreplay tips that will drive your partner wild:

  • Use your mouth:

When you start foreplay, kiss and caress her body. Go down on her body, just don’t focus on her face. Kiss her neck, release her lips and move your tongue to swirl around the tips of her nipples. Understand your mouth and tongue are powerful instrument that can do a lot, move down and give her oral-pleasure if that is something she loves.

  • Lets grind:

“Rather than going purely for penetration or clitoral stimulation, try grinding against your man’s thigh or opt for some good old-fashioned dry humping. That way, you can stimulate your pubic mound and way more of your clitoris than usual – it can work just as well with your clothes on as off, ” says Emily Dubberly, Founder of Cliterati.co.uk to sex.sofeminine.co.uk.

Devote more time to her breast, instead of moving to those obvious sex parts of her body.

  • Get inspirations from movie:

Like sexual scenes in the movie? Then imply it in personal life. Grip her roughly at times rather than just moving your hand up and down on her skin.

Explore each other and take it slow.

  • Element of surprise:

Surprise is always important in your relationship. Try something out of your usual sex tricks and tips.  Put some melting chocolate on her body and lick it or you can also try using whipped cream as an alternative.

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