4 ways to have better sex, according to experts

There is no one, literally no one who wouldn’t want a better sex life. Everyone tries to experiment and enhance their sex experience. Some are successful, while some face failure. However, there is nothing to worry. Like any field, making love comes with various territories that one needs to explore.

Here are 5 tips from sex expert that will refine your sex life:

Tell her she looks and taste great

A little word of appreciation isn’t much and you can surely give her few compliments. When you shower her with compliments, she feels relaxed and that helps her come close to orgasm.

Going down isn’t just another chore, when you lick her, be expressive. Tell her how you like her sweet smell and how wonderful she tastes.

Bring sex to kitchen

Sex should never be restricted to your bedroom. There are lot of places in your house where you have steamy-hot sex. When she is in kitchen, try cuddling her, touch her, turn her on, and kiss the back of her neck, rest will follow.

Strip slowly

Stripping is an art, never ever be in hurry to remove cloths. Undress her slowly, caress her, at times kiss her and whisper sexy things in her ear. Make this process sensual.

Shower sex

You might have read about it and also watched it on television, but have you ever tried it? Experts believe when you are fresh, no one can resist you. Now isn’t that something you really want as well?

Try having some fun in the shower and make it a memorable love making session.

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