43 backdoor appointments in Social welfare, ex-Health minister Shabir Khan stands accused

Ex-Minister of State for Power Shabir Khan is in the eye of storm for having appointed 43 people, allegedly his workers in two different departments.

According to a complaint, a copy of which is with Newspoint Bureau, Khan has been accused of having adjusted his workers in Pahari hostel, Rajouri and food supply department of Jammu and Kashmir. The complainant has said that Khan during his tenure as Minister of State (MoS) CAPD and transport got 13 people appointed in Pahari hostel, Rajouri.

It has been further alleged that these 13 employees were appointed after Khan Vice Chairman of the Pahari advisory board. They further added that the process of regularizing these employees continued when Khan became MoS CAPD and Transport. According to the complaint and the orders appended with it, those who have been engaged through backdoor include Mohammad Ishaq, Mohammad Ajaz, Imran Khan, Tanveer Hussain, Abdul Khaliq,  Mohammed Ali, Shahnaz Khan and Abdul Khaliq.

The complaint further says that there is one person engaged in Pahari Hostel Rajouri who was servant of Secretary Pahari Advisory Board for many years. He maintains that the individual was engaged in Pahari Hostel Rajouri by the Secretary Advisory Board illegally since he had crossed age of more than 55 years and is handicapped yet he was employed and posted in a hostel which has more than 150 students. The complainant has alleged that lakhs of rupees have been shown as utilized.

He has further said that it should be probed as to how lakhs of rupees have been shown as expended under rent and purchases in the Girl’s Hostel Rajouri which was then non-existent. The building has been completed a month back but the rent has been shown as drawn since February 2013, alleges the complainant. He has stressed that there was nexus between the advisory board and local officers because of which funds were withdrawn and people engaged through backdoor.

Huge amount against Computer training has been shown as withdrawn when the fact is that there is no computer training or any type of tuition in the Hostel. The complainant has specifically said that the period when the drawing and disbursing powers of the hostel were with the District social Welfare officer (DSWO) should be probed. He has said that the new social welfare minister should find out as to how a person who was more than 55 year old had been engaged in the hostel.

He has demanded that not only in the Rajouri hostel, a CBI probe should be ordered in all the Pahari hostels including those of Anantnag and Kupwara for the funds sanctioned and utilized during the previous NC-Congress coalition government.  The complainant has further alleged that in the year 2011 and 2012, huge amount was withdrawn for Computer training in the name of one Manjit Kumar who was regular student of the Tariq college of education.

He has further alleged that number of backdoor appointments in the Department is 30 and these unemployed youth were engaged as casual labour or Chowkidars on monthly payments of Rs 30 but now they are getting Rs 3300. He has said that some youth engaged CAPD were under age at the time of their engagement which is criminal act according to court of law. He also said that brother in law of the then minister was given Maximum period despite corruption and embezzlement charges against him as

Warden Pahari Hostel Rajouri.

He added that during the tenure of this Warden Pahari Hostel, result of the hostel students went down from 100 to 20 percent. Since there is nothing known about the status of Social Welfare Minister Sajjad Lone, Newspoint Bureau tried to contact both the ex-Minister Shabir Khan as well as the present secretary of the Social Welfare department but the efforts failed to bear fruits.


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