5 sex mistakes that you are not aware of

Having sex is not enough, enjoying it and having a fabulous one is important. If you aim to please your partner and have a mind-blowing sex then you need to keep a tab on what you do.

Here’s a list of mistakes that you have been making everyday.

  • Shy about wanting sex:

If you want sex, tell your partner that you want it. Don’t always wait for your partner to make the first move. There is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting sex and feeling lusty. These traits are sign of healthy libido. At times your partner might want you like crazy but might be shy to express it, wanting your lover is a sign of healthy relationship.

  • Inadequate foreplay

Don’t let sex become a daily routine. You need to enjoy the process. A gradual build-up, which involves a lot of touching and kissing and making out, will always make for a more satisfactory encounter, according to a report by popxo.com.

  • No communication

Don’t hesitate to talk about sex, it’s not a taboo. Speak to your partner, tell him/her what you want and not just that but also brief them about your likes and dislikes. There is no harm in sharing what you love to do. At times show them what you like, you partner wants to know what pleases you.

  • Too much feedback

When we say communication it doesn’t imply as feedback. Don’t go overboard. Let the things go in flow, it’s not an experiment where you need to guide each and every step.

  • Do same thing over and over again

When you do same thing again and again, it just bores you and make thing monotonous. Sex should never be like a chore, it should be that time of your day that you enjoy and love to explore. Experiment new techniques, try new position and kinky tricks.

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