5 tips to have a rocking sex life

March 9: Most people complain that the passion in romantic relationships eventually fades away after the initial honeymoon period. This leaves most couples wondering what went wrong. But couples that enjoy a happening sex life are not among those who are careless about how they deal with their relationship. They have certain habits, which help them keep things hot in bed. So, here are the top habits of couples that enjoy a fun-filled sex life.


Just because you have won your partner’s heart doesn’t mean that you don’t have to flirt anymore. Flirting and playful teasing will make your partner feel more wanted and desirable. So, if you want your lover to be ready for sex whenever you want, don’t forget to tell them how hot they are.

Going on regular dates

This is especially important for couples in long-term relationships like marriage. Also make sure that there are no potential distractions around like kids, buzzing cellphones or the TV, advises I Love My LSI website. Focus your complete attention on your partner just like you used to when you were wooing them.

Schedule and prioritise

You’d be surprised to know that sexually successful couples actually set aside scheduled time for sex. And no, that does not kill romance or spontaneity in any way. It only enables you to prioritise what should be important in your life and sex is no different.

Knowing each other’s turn-ons

Keeping a mental log of your partner’s turn-ons benefits both of you in bed. Turn-ons help amp up the sex as your partner’s mood is already charged. It’s truly a win-win situation.

Being bold and reckless

Remember that time in your relationship when you wanted sex all the time and were having it too? That was because you didn’t shy away from doing things the ‘unconventional way’. If regular sex is the top thing on your agenda then don’t be afraid to do the fun stuff more often like trying out crazy sex positions in the shower or having a quickie against the hallway wall.

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