5 ways to have hot safe sex with your partner

March 12: Contrary to popular perception, you can enjoy steamy sex despite using protection. There’s no reason why you can’t have hot sex with your partner and protect yourself from STDs at the same time. You’d be even more surprised to know that condoms can actually make sex even more exciting for you and your partner. Here are the top five ways to make sex with condoms much more pleasurable:

Use the right condom size

Not matter what type of condom you use – ribbed, dotted or flavoured – always make sure that the condom is the right size. This is not just about being safe from unwanted pregnancies or STDs; a condom that’s too tight or loose can make intercourse uncomfortable for both of you.

Try out creative sex positions

Even wearing a condom can be a hot sex move if you use a bit of your creativity. Women can impress their partner by sexily rolling the condom themselves when going for a reverse cowgirl position, says Your Tango.

Get familiar with lube

Using lube with condoms can actually make sex more exciting for both you and your partner. Remember to place two drops of lube inside before putting on the condom. The lube will increase sensation at the supersensitive head of the penis. After that apply lube even outside of the condom for greater pleasure.

Experiment with a vibrating ring

For those who don’t know – a vibrating ring is a plastic band fixed to a buzzing nub. Simply place the band around the base of the condom, with the nub facing her clitoris, and make her go crazy with the extra vibrating stimulations.

Always keep extras handy

A passionate sex encounter can get awkward and frustrating if you run out of condoms when in the middle of the act. So, be prepared and always have extra condoms ready nearby.

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