5000 year old Gujjar inheritance faces threat of extinction

5000 year old ethno cultural inheritance of Gujjar tribe is facing tremendous challenges due to globalization, rapid development, militancy and changing socio economic profile of the tribe.

This was stated by speakers at workshop organised by Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation on the ‘Lives of nomadic Gujjar Bakerwal tribes in the contemporary world’. Speakers   urged the centre and state authorities to devise a scheme to protect and preserve the old heritage of Gujjar tribe including their oral traditions, Costumes, Jewellery, Folk lore, Custom and rituals, Arts, Crafts, History and Heritage.

Dr. Javaid Rahi well-known Tribal Researchers and expert on Gujjars affairs presided over the programme. In his presidential address Dr. Javaid Rahi opined that it was the responsibility of tribal communities to keep their tradition alive. They can do it by convincing the tribal society to keep practicing their culture in their ritual. He said that tribal culture of Gujjars is disappearing fast and is at the verge of extinction.

‘Carrying their tradition in form  of oral and folk lore is our inheritance  preserving the old traditions from the threats from  Globalization, rapid development and commercialization is our duty being a member of a tribe, Dr. Rahi said . He further said traditional knowledge of Gujjars is surviving since five thousands of years in shape of common inheritance without any support system but now it’s a time to keep this tradition alive by adopting it whole heartily.


Dr. Samiullah stated that the traditional inheritance of nomadic and non-nomadic tribes is very rich in term of their philosophy and it describes their linage and way of life. However, owing to their rich contributions to society, there was urgent need to recognise its importance and preserve it for the posterity.

Bashir Bajran said that many communities eked out a living moving from place to place narrating age-old tales featuring virtues and values. However, due to advent of technology that brought forth cinema, television and other media, they lost the patronage and fast fading away from the lives. Other speakers stated Gujjars were carrying on their inheritance in shape of oldest heritage and primitive traditions and there was an urgent need to document and institutionalize their art forms.

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