58 Taliban terrorists killed in Kandahar, Farah during operations by Afghan forces

JAN 29:  As many as 58 taliban  terrorists have been killed in recent operations by the Afghan forces in two provinces, said the country’s Defence Ministry on Friday.
In southern Kandahar province, 52 terrorists were killed  and 16 others wounded as the Afghan national defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) conducted cleanup operations in Dand, Arghandab and Panjwayi districts on Thursday, Xinhua reported citing the ministry’s statement.
The security forces also defused 19 improvised bombs and destroyed three terrorists’ bunkers, three vehicles, five motorcycles, and a handful of weapons and ammunition during the raids, according to the statement.

In the western Farah province, six taliban  terrorists in a car were killed,  three others wounded and their vehicle caught fire after the Afghan Air Force targeted the vehicle in the Shewan locality of Bala Buluk district on Thursday evening, the statement added.
taliban  terrorists fighting the government forces have not responded to the reports so far.
In addition, at least six civilians and four Afghan soldiers were killed in 16 security incidents across afghan on Thursday, according to an independent war monitoring group.
Some 12 soldiers were also wounded in the incidents on Thursday, the Reduction in Violence (RiV) group tweeted Friday.