59% Americans uneasy about Donald Trump’s approach on Syria: Poll

Washington, April 30
Nearly six in 10 Americans feel uneasy about US President Donald Trump’s approach towards handling the situation in Syria, according to a new CBS News poll.
As many as 59 per cent of respondents are uneasy about Trump’s handling of the Syrian crisis, while four in 10 respondents feel confident about Trump’s ability, Xinhua news agency reported.
Despite the low level of confidence in Trump’s ability to handle the situation in Syria, more than half of Americans say that the US campaign against the extremist group Islamic State goes at least somewhat well, with 9 per cent saying that the US campaign goes very well, showed the poll released earlier this week.
Meanwhile, the poll also found that more respondents are sceptical of Trump’s ability as Commander-in-Chief of the US military. Only 46 per cent respondents express at least somewhat confidence in Trump’s ability, while 17 per cent say not too confident and another 35 per cent express no confidence at all in Trump’s ability.
The Trump administration’s botched travel ban also appeared to take its toll on Trump’s polling number, with 46 per cent respondents saying that Trump is making the US image in the world weaker, compared to 36 per cent of respondents who say the US image in the world has become stronger since Trump took office.

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