6 bank employees among 7 booked for fraud in Mah

Thane, November 26
Seven people, including employees of the CKP Co-op Bank Lok Puram branch in the city, have been booked by police on the charges of duping customers and the bank to the tune of around Rs 7 crore, the police said today.
The director of the said bank stated in a complaint that seven people had indulged in malpractice to defraud the customers and the bank to the tune of Rs 6,92,19,047.
As per the complaint, the alleged accused had connived and tampered with the computer systems and receipts of the depositors and diverted the funds from their accounts to another account to give additional benefit to a cash credit account and thus duped the customers and the bank to the heavy sum, he said.
They also opened different accounts in the bank and diverted the funds to the cash credit account of one of the account holders, the complaint stated.
The accused, who got the benefit of this amount failed to repay the money to the bank and thus cheated the bank and in turn, the depositors were also taken for a jolly ride, the police said. Those who have been booked in the case include Anjali Pisal, (Branch Manager) Chandrashekar Karve, (Branch Manager) Unnati Thombre (Clerk); Satish Jamble, Vikas Kubal (Peon);
Narendra Jadhav.
(Peon) and Satyen Salva ( he is the person who got the benefit of the fraud). Salva had the account in the bank and got the benefit of cash credit based on his deposits but the alleged accused gave him excess benefit by indulging in fraud, the complaint stated. They tampered with the computer system software for indulging in the racket and fraud the complaint stated.
The bank was under administrator between 2012 and 2015 as the RBI had dissolved the board following rampant irregularities in the bank management.
This happened between the period 2011 to 2014, the police said.
The RBI has put the CKP Bank in a blacklist following largescale mismanagement in the bank leading to losses to the bank. The bank is presently under moratorium and the period is being extended from time to time.

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