618th ‘Kabir Jayanti’s celebrated

All J&K Shri Sad Guru Kabir Sabha celebrated 618th ‘Kabir Jayanti’ on Monday at Kabir Bhawan, Chak-Avtara, Bishnah with great zest and fervour. The function was largely attended by the devotees/followers of Kabir Sahib from different parts of the state. The day started with offering garland of flowers to the statue of Sant Kabir ji at Kabir Rotary near Bus Stand.
A spiritual discourse was delivered by Baba Bhagwan Dass Ji, (Udhas Marg RS Pura) on the bani of Saints with special reference to Kabir Bani. He explained the sangat that Kabir was a living spirit of God & preached the inner richness of human values. President of “All J&K Sadguru Kabir Sabha”, FC Bhagat welcomed Baba Bhagwan Dass Ji, Bhushan Lal Dogra ji, all district/block/mandir committees and all other Kabir panthies including the heads of all other social organizations who attended the function. While addressing the gathering, Bhagat said that Kabir was a supreme mystic master and hence his authority is indescribable. Kabir has the distinction among all saints & so his teachings have crossed all religions & geographical barriers.
Prof Ashok Bhagat (Vice President) of the Sabha, said that according to Kabir Sahib Bani, all human are equal. Bhushan Lal Dogra (Vice Chairman, Advisory board for SC) appealed the gathering to follow the path of sant kabir. HR Phonsa (Representative of Sadguru Ravi Dass Sabha) and RK Kalsotra (President Confedration of SC/ST Org.) also appealed the community to follow the life and philosophy of great Saint Sadguru Kabir. Among others who attended the function were G R Bhagat (Sr. Vice President), Sunny Changotra, President Budh Vihar Sabha, Chaman Lal (Vice-Presidents), Dr Gurdass Ram (Chairman Litigation Committee), Pardeep Bhagat, (Distt. President Jammu), Manohar Lal (General Secretary), District Presidents, Babu Ram, Dr Buti Ram, coordinators and others.

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