69 % youth unemployed in Jammu against 30 % in Valley

Bharti Jasrotia


Despite tall claims of the coalition government of bringing in new employment policies that will help in reducing the unemployment rate in Jammu and Kashmir, the disparity in ever increasing unemployment rate in Jammu is demanding immediate consideration.

According to official reports, the unemployment rate in Kashmir is less than 30 per cent, as against 69.75 per cent in Jammu province and this data could be easily verified from the assembly records.

According to the data available with Newspoint, out of nearly 4.5 lakh employees working in government and semi-government establishments in J&K, including corporations, the number of employees hailing from Jammu province is not even 25 per cent, and that’s the reason that the rate of unemployment in Jammu province is so high.

The people of Jammu province have a very little representation in the civil secretariat, the seat of power, and the number of employees from Kashmir, who are working in the civil secretariat, is almost five times that of Jammu. As for the share of the cold-desert Ladakh in the civil secretariat, it is just a paltry 0.68 per cent.

The share of Jammu province in non-gazetted positions in the civil secretariat is only about 26 26.23 per cent, as against Kashmir’s share of 73.67 per cent. while the share of Jammu province in the civil secretariat as far as the fourth class employees is concerned is 29.48 per cent, that of Kashmir is as high as 70.52 per cent. The number of fourth class employees in the civil secretariat from Kashmir is more than 260 and that of Jammu province is less than 110.

The share of Jammu province in gazetted positions in the civil secretariat is also negligible and that almost all the gazetted positions have become the sole preserve of Kashmir.

The figures from the employment exchanges located in the Kashmir’s 10 districts and Jammu’s 10 districts show that the number of unemployed youth in Jammu province is almost three time that of Kashmir’s unemployed youth and that the number of unemployed post-graduates in Jammu is also three time that of Kashmir’s unemployed post-graduate youth.

The story of neglect of the Jammu-based technocrats is no less pathetic. And the number of unemployed technocrats in Jammu province is more than 20,000, in Kashmir, the number of unemployed technocrats is not even 5,000.

Amid this gloomy scenario, the imparity in the employment leads to a serious problem. The PDP led BJP government should led down some specific measures so that the difference in unemployment between the Jammu province and the valley can be reduced.

Moreover, the new provisions of the government related to the employment are in favour of the unemployed youth.

The plight of unemployed youth of Jammu province and demanded a special package from New Delhi for them so that their problem is mitigated and they play an important role in the state’s development. Meeting was held a day after a deputation of more than 50 unemployed youth met with them to narrate their woeful tales and ask them to take up their problem with right quarters.

Unemployment has become a biggest challenge in the state which the government is trying to cure by issuing policies like Udaan,Himayat etc.These initiative of the government will help in giving a technical training so that they can become self sufficient.

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