70 yr old school declared unsafe, students smell conspiracy

The students of Government Middle School Marakhari today smelled a conspiracy and staged a protest demonstration against the school administration and education department for reportedly shifting the seven decade old school campus on the pretext of fragile building.

Built around 70 years ago, GMS Marakhari has more than 230 students and was constructed at ancestral land donated by the local residents.

Under previous regime, the school building was declared unsafe by the then contractor and new site was proposed.

The school situated at Marakhari of Channi Himmat got shifted to Model Town Digiana, 3 to 4 km away from the earlier location. It was done without giving a prior notice to the students; however the students continued to travel to a new location. The families of the students were told that the new campus is nearly a mile away, but for most of the students, the distance remained more 4 kms.

Around 150 students today protested against the shifting of the campus, saying that the school authorities hoodwinked them and put them to undue inconvenience in this soaring heat, as it is very difficult for them to travel. A couple of students also fainted during the protest.

Many parents of the students have also withdrawn certificates of their wards.

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