+92 3000597212: Phone number of Pathankot attacker’s ‘ustaad’ in Pakistan traced

The phone numbers of the handlers of the Pathankot attackers have been traced and they belong to Pakistan. The two Pakistani numbers are 92-3017775253 and +92 300097212.

The attackers made calls to both these numbers after entering India. The first number reportedly belongs to one of the attackers’ mother, while the second one to one of the handlers of the terrorists.  The calls were made using the phones of the victims.

Intelligence Bureau officials have told a leading daily that the terrorists referred to their handler as  “ustaad” as they described their positions in Punjab after infiltrating  from Pakistan.

The first calls were made to +92 300097212 was at 9.12 pm on December 31 for which they used taxi driver Ikaagar Singh’s cellphone and killed him. The terrorists repeatedly called the man on the other side as “ustaad”.

Only one call was made through Ikaagar’s phone, while four calls were received from the same number.

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