95% people want resolution of Kashmir through dialogue: Mehbooba

Maintaining that only five per cent of the population is creating violence in Kashmir, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti said that 95 per cent of the people living in the valley want resolution to all the issue through dialogue and peaceful means.

“95 per cent people of the state don’t want violence, they want resolution to all problems through dialogue and peaceful means. They don’t want to throw stones, they don’t want violence. They don’t want to accomplish an objective by attacking an establishment,” Mehbooba said.

Asserting that the 5 per cent population engaged in violence will be dealt with firmly in accordance with the law, Mehbooba said they will not be allowed to disrupt the life of the people who want to live in peace. “Youngsters of the Valley are being used as shields to attack Army camps by some elements who want our children to suffer,” she said.

Expressing hope that the center will reach out to the larger section of peace loving population in the valley, she said let us differentiate between those people who want resolution of a problem through dialogue, reconciliation and people who are exploiting small kids and making them attack camps and pelt stones on roads.

“I’m hopeful that Home Minister will concentrate with the larger portion of the population who want resolution of all issues through peaceful means,” she added.

The Chief Minister making a distinction between the situation in 2010 and now in 2016, said at that time there was a Machil fake encounter when people were very angry about it.

“Whatever happened in 2010, there was a reason. There was a fake encounter and people were angry that is why they took to streets. What is happening now is totally different. Don’t compare 2010 and 2016. The unrest has no reason. What is the fault of my government? Three militants were killed, there is nothing new, it has been happening in Kashmir. Why the protests,” Ms Mehbooba said.

In reply to a question, she said security forces opened fire when their camps and police stations were attacked. “Don’t tell me that teenagers had gone to purchase a toffee or milk when he attacked security force camp and police stations,” she said.

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