A dying party

Dear Editor,
There seem to be recurrent Editorials and articles on how to revive the Left and parties such as the Congress, which makes one wonder why there is this attempt to force readers to read about ideologies that are past their ‘sell-by’ date and parties that are even unpopular with the masses. Congress in particular is synonymous with large-scale scams and widespread corruption and has been electorally sent out by the people. Why should such a party be given another chance, especially when the effects of such scams on the economy have not subsided?
One has to consider the strategy of the BJP in making it big on the national stage. The steps leading to the acceptance of Narendra Modi, once portrayed as an immensely controversial leader, were taken in stages. Once the party was sure about “its offering” being accepted by the masses, it began to roll out other measures related to growth and development. The key to the BJP’s success was a series of well-planned initiatives, which at one point were portrayed as random and impulsive moves by a “dying party”. Similarly, the Congress must learn lessons from this.
Ankita Mahajan
Gandhinagar, Jammu

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