A new challenge to face

Since the eruption of armed struggle in Jammu and Kashmir, this conflict has witnessed multitude of struggles, from insurgency to street protests and from gorilla attacks to fidayeen attacks. All this encompases past three decades of violence.
Meanwhile, in this race of bringing so called azadi, a new facet of militancy has become popular in the state, following emergence of young brigade of militants, who had taken to social media wherein they brandise with guns and promises of breaking Kashmir from India.
In Kashmir, young boys in their teenage years are dropping out of schools, colleges, and jobs to live in the forests, knowing that their decision may lead to death at any moment.
They don’t wear school uniforms anymore; instead, they wear camouflaged olive green uniforms.
They don’t carry a bag of books; instead, they carry a backpack of ammunition and assault rifles. Most of these boys haven’t seen their families for months or even years. They are famous among the youth. Their pictures go viral on social media. The one name that almost every youth in Kashmir knows today is Burhan, but he isn’t the only one. Several Burhans have followed him on this path, but why? And who is Burhan?
.“The new militancy is a continuity of things. In the past, there were certain gestures like the peace process and the economic stability of India and Kashmir.
This young brigade is gradualy attracting more youth by making militancy more of heroic.
The ground reality in Kashmir is changing slowly but surely and it can be gauged even from plain statistics. If in 2013, 31 local youths joined militancy, the number for 2015 (till September-end) jumped to 66, according to police records.
Among the 66 is 21-year-old Zakir Rashid Bhat, a Chandigarh-based civil engineering student. Zakir came to his village home in Noorpura, Pulwama, for a brief vacation with his friends. The young student took them to the snow-clad picture towns of Gulmarg and Pahalgam and while his friends
went back to Chandigarh, Zakir never returned.
With such a trend taking pace and more and more youth abandoning classes, the challenge for the state shall obviously rise. However the state, especially the police is all set to fight this new face of militancy and in the recent past many cases of apprehending and killing such naive militants has been reported.

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