A relief to weaker section of society

The enhancement of pension of old age person, widow and handicapped perform from rupees 200/- to rupees 1000/- by the state government is not only a welcome step but a move towards helping poor and needy persons.
The pension, to start from April 1, would benefit about 5.70 lakhs beneficiaries.
This decision of the government is also a direction towards fulfilling its election promises made by the government for giving relief to the poor people.
In the present period of high rising prices, a sum of rupees 200/- is too peanut to survive for the beneficiary. Moreover it was like something better than nothing but cannot be described as encouraging welfare step to help the poor section of society.
The enhancement to rupees 1000/- from rupees 200/- is a big boost to reach out to the deprived section of the society.
It is to be mentioned here that most of poor people of society particularly widow, handicapped and old aged person, having no source of income, live from hand to mouth.
This enhancement in pension though still not enough in the period of high inflation but it would definitely meet their essential requirement to some extent and bring cheer to their face.
Both state and central government are launching various welfare schemes for the poverty stricken people of the state particularly for small farmers, landless farmers, labourers, widow and people below poverty line. These schemes can only benefit the deserving people particularly when awareness is created among them by local administration.
In this regard Block Development Officer (BDO) and Panchayat representatives can play a key role by reaching out to the poor by helping to complete their paper formality as majority of them are illiterate, ill, weak and cannot move anywhere.
The schemes of Indira Awaz Yojana (IAY) and MNREGA have also given a lot of benefit to below poverty line (BPL) families.
It is separate issue if in some cases the officials of department concerned have not properly implemented these schemes but on the contrary engaged in corrupt practice, depriving the benefit to deserving people.
But in fact these schemes have proved like drowning man catches at a straw.
Nowadays our country is trying to emerge as a super power in the world.
We are trying our best to strengthen our economy and military power.
But we can claim to be called super power when from the poor to the poorest people is able to get two times meals, cloth, shelter and lead a life with honour and dignity.
A country cannot be called a super power, if its large number of people remain hungry, have not shelter or cloth to wear.
Our Prime Minister Narender Modi comes from poor background and he is committed to help poor people of the country. The enhancement of pension of deprived section of society is a step towards that direction and we highly appreciate it.

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