A village with no roads, electricity, health facility in Ramban district


Can you imagine a village, where people have no road connectivity, no electricity, health facilities and can’t study after completing 8th class; which is a basic need for all of us?

This is thereality of Sarbagni Panchayat,12km away from Ramsoo area of Banihal Ramban district, where people are living without proper connectivity of roads,without electricity, and with no health facilities.

A 65 years old local told Gulistan Channel’s team that, “It’s been ages, every political leader promises us during elections that if we vote for them, they’ll solve all our problems, they will surely construct the roads but till date no one has fulfilled the promise. Now to see that road in our village feels like a distant dream for us. We are poor people and we’re suffering every day; when anyone gets sick, we have to carry that person on our shoulders to reach Ramsoo, many times people have died in between, he added.

The village has a girl’s middle school, where around 160 students are studying but the girls can’t study any further after 8th class as there’s no higher secondary school in the village or in nearby villages. PM Modi time and again emphasizes on “BetiBachaoBetiPadhao” but how will the daughters of Sarbagni village will complete their education and contribute to our society without basic infrastructure of a school?

“For further studies girls have to go Ramsoo by walking distance of 12km”, one of the locals said.He further added that, “we can’t send our girls to Ramsoo due to lack of road facility and walking distance takes a lot of time and in between is aforest area as well, making it unsafe for us to send our girls over there”.

The people of Sarbagni has requested to LG Manoj Sinha, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to look into the matter as their basic need is the road connectivity in this village that should be constructed as soon as possible. Otherwise, people of the village with their families will have to come on the road for their demands.

A village that has been out of hindsight of J&K government and administration came into the notice of Gulistan Channel with the simplest objective to bring forth how a village is deprived of all its basic needs and rights. This is the reality of our system in Jammu and Kashmir. Now, that government has started the third phase of Back to Village but what about this village? it seems like this village is invisible to the authorities that are working with back to the village.

This is just an example of one village but there are many more such villages, where till date no road connectivity is there, electricity is a far-fetched dream and kids who should be dreaming of seeing a world filled with light are living in the darkness of educational blockades.