A way to reduce the waste

Dear Editor,
Jammu needs to up their recycling game, as the amount of waste is increasing day by day. Neither the government can fully control it nor can the people control it. But, a smart way of recycling can reduce the amount of increasing waste in the city.
The new method of landfill can somewhat help in reducing the waste material which are littered here and there in the vicinity. Moreover, this method of landfill is used in many other cities and came out as as a progressive initiative which has resulted in the reduction of the waste.
Government should take positive steps to reduce the amount of waste increasing in the society by using various methods like landfills and also an important step of 4Rs which is reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. This initiative can be taken forward by informing the people all around the city and also by informing them why recycling is very important to the city and to us personally. We can ask to provide every household with the proper information and recycling equipment in order to increase participation and support. We also need better enforcement of the recycling law city, especially since some Jammuites are unaware about the concept of 4Rs.
Nidhi Razdan
Gandhinagar, Jammu

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