Above; 5,00,000 people in India die every year waiting for an organ donor

‘Donating Organs; is a gift and should become a National Movement’Union Health Minister-J P Nadda

A report with special concerns, by:
Harbans S Nagokay.

Jammu, November 28
Terming organ donation “an egalitarian and a moral act”, health minister JP Nadda on Sunday said the government will come out with rules, regulations and protocols for facilitating organ donation as he pitched for making it a national movement and pledged to give his own.
Expressing concern over the present rate of organ donation and transplantation not being close to the requirement in the country, he said organs were national resources and not even one should be wasted. According to Mr. Nadda, “Donating organs is a gift and is an altruistic, egalitarian and a moral act. We can turn the ‘end of a life’ into a new beginning with donating our organs.”Let organ donation become a national movement and show to the world that even in death we care for our fellow citizens and humanity at large. Organ is a national resource and not even one should be wasted,said Minister.
Hon’ble Minister along with officers, staffers, doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff members of all central government hospitals of the national capital pledged to donate their organs.Also present were participants from the Walkathon that took place at the India Gate on Sunday to create and enhance awareness surrounding organ donation, an official statement said.
Inopportunely, The Jammu and Kashmir Transplantation of Human Organ Act-1997; even after a gap of approximately 20 years, still not been suitably implemented by state Government. And, at the same┬átime according to experts, there are flaws in legislation, lack of infrastructure and accountability in Government hospitals aresaid to be some major hurdles in introducing thisrevolutionary facility of organ transplantationJ&K, that bagged first position in India Today Group’s survey (2015) for best managed States for healthcare in the country. And, the state whose hospitals are not well known for want of latest equipments, facilities & technologies and ailing patients still need to move outside the state for advance treatments.
What to talk of other organs, there are no eye banks even in J&K, which are critical for retrieval and storage of eyes from brain dead donors.By not having eye transplant facility, patients are deprived of ‘Right to Sight’ then, patients are referred outside state and majority of them cannot afford.The prognosis for visual restoration with transplant is excellent and studies have revealed success rate of 95% to 99%.The majority of corneal transplants result in significant improvement in visual function for a life-time.
Anyway; at this stage, we are expecting some serious efforts those requiredto be made by the state Government to arrange the requisite infrastructures else social responsibilities, to generate awareness among people to encourage them for organ donation and under section-13 of JK transplantation of Human Organs Act-1997, state is otherwise obligatory to establish required number of eye banks with all other vital facilities, said Dr. Gaurav Vaid-A renowned ‘ROTARIAN & SOCIAL WORKER’ from the city of temples-Jammu; who already pledged and donated all his vital body organs in writing to ORGAN INDIA. The Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness Network (ORGAN) India, is an initiative that was launched in March 2013 by The Parashar Foundation, (a Delhi-based NGO) to address the dismal state of deceased organ donation in India. NGO, hunt for remediesto this shortage of organ donors, and help create an ecosystem to facilitate organ donation in India. And, we are in fact started working on the same module for our state Jammu & Kashmir, said the most thrilled Dr. Gaurav Vaid, while interacting with JK News Point, after the statement of Dr. J P Nadda.
Now, the good news is, the ministry is presently framing rules, regulations and protocols for facilitating organ donation. There are about 1.5 lakh brain deaths happening in the country every year, and organs from them can be used for saving lives of several lakh patients. And, “It is a matter of concern that the current organ donation and transplantation rate is not close to the requirement within the country for organs. We have started taking decisive steps for harvesting cadaver organs and tissues and saving many lives a result of this,” Nadda told.
Health ministry is implementing the ‘National Organ Transplant Programme’ with a view to promote organ donation from deceased persons and increase the availability of organs for transplantation.The Minister said a number of activities have already commenced a part of the programme and the state governments have been sensitised about the need to have systems in place to improve awareness in this regard.Later, in a series of tweets, Nadda said “Administered Pledge for #OrganDonation to encourage people to participate in this noble cause. It is indeed a special year for @MoHFW_INDIA since it has organised several activities to propagate the message of donation”.”NOTTO had 10,000 pledges till June 2016. Today we have about 1,00,000. I appreciate the effort & fix a target of 20,00,000 by next year,” H&FWM – tweeted.

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