Absence of fence around transformers poses danger to Jammu

Notwithstanding crores of rupees pumped in reforming the power infrastructure in Jammu city during the past one decade, majority of the work has been done in a haphazard manner with least concern shown for the safety of people.

In several localities, electric transformers installed by the Power Development Department (PDD) are without mandatory security fence, an open invitation to disaster. Even power lines supplying electricity to streetlights have become death traps for commuters as they remain uncovered and dangle on the road.

Electric transformers have been installed close to the road at Salahar Panchayat R.S Pura, which adds to the danger during summer months when electric short-circuits are common. The locals demanded the concerned Power Development Department (PDD) should take cognizance into the matter and installed safety wall so that’s no untoward incident happen in the area.