Absence of Mithun from Rajya Sabha

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It refers to several Parliamentarians on 26.04.2016 rightly raising issue of continued long absence of Mithun Chakravarty (TMC) from Rajya Sabha proceedings in name of ‘illness’. Parliamentarians even pointed out that Rajya Sabha member was otherwise available for shooting of commercial advertisements. It is not the only such case.

Lok Sabha member Rahul Gandhi deliberately missed important-most year-2015 budget-session of Parliament without any proper reason. A sabbatical leave-application to his party-President was not at all enough for his absence from Parliament for which he gets paid from public-exchequer and not from the party. There are other such Parliamentarians especially with a ‘feather in cap’ of being nominated Rajya Sabha members who are notorious for not fulfilling their duty as Parliamentarians by ignoring Parliamentary sessions.

Another notorious case is of perfectly disabled George Fernandes having once been elected as Rajya Sabha member just to make his ministerial government-bungalow retained allotted to him. It may be recalled that even membership-oath of George Fernandes had to be read by his party-colleague.

It is indeed a sort of crime against voters and public-exchequer if elected Parliamentarians fail to fulfil their important duty to attend Parliamentary sessions without any proper reasons. All those being paid salaries (except those in legislature) have fixed norms to avail leave apart from having fixed timings to attend offices now made stricter by installing bio-metric attendance-equipments for registering attendance at all government-offices.

All such cases call for stipulating strict norms and guidelines for ensuring Parliamentarians not only attending Parliamentary sessions, but even their presence in proceedings for full time. Presently it is observed that most Parliamentarians leave Parliament after question-hour and zero-hour unless there is some very important matter at times causing lack of quorum.

Bio-metric attendance machines should be installed for Parliamentarians to mark their attendance in Parliamentary sessions. Not only there should be a proportional cut in their salaries and other daily allowances for short attendance, even membership of Parliament should be cancelled in case of continuous absence and not attending session-day for some minimum stipulated durations.



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