Academic Collapse: ‘Reluctant’ faculty forces students to run medical college

Even when the state government is bragging about making employees accountable and responsible towards their work, the ‘reluctant’ approach of the faculty at Government Medical College (GMC) Jammu makes it just a hollow claim, with students complaining that they are forced to run the academics on their own.

According to students pursuing MBBS, the academics of the college is at the verge of collapse, as no faculty member from lecturer to professor is willing to take classes and are forcing Post Graduation (PG) students to fill the vacuum.

“No faculty member is taking classes regularly. This has remained a trend here since long time. The faculty members, instead of taking classes prefer to practice in their clinics, by assigning duties to the PG students of 3rd semester,” a group of MBBS students complained and alleged some lecturers, who are willing to take class are also being influenced by those at the helm of affairs.

“There are some faculty members, who are willingly taking classes and show keen interest in the academics, but those at the helm of affairs do not want it,” they maintained and added with such an approach of the administration as well as faculty members, they are not only compromising with theory and practical, but the state is heading towards worst medical academics.

Meanwhile, a faculty member at GMC, wishing anonymity admitted that the academic system of the college is at the verge of collapse.

“The faculty members are not taking regular classes and put PG students and Registrar on this duty, while they busy themselves in private practice,” said a doctor, adding that some faculty members are generally discouraged to take classes.

The doctor said that due to circumstances, the faculty members as well as students cannot raise dissent voice.

“Students cannot speak about it openly, as they had apprehensions about their career, which stands in the hands of these faculty members. In the backdrop of all this, the students are at suffering end,” doctor said and added the principal of the college keeps on changing as per the political will and the functioning of the college depends upon his affiliations.

Doctor said that to rectify the problem and to streamline the working at the college, those at the helm of affairs must conduct routine checking of the classes and roasters.

However, head of various departments denied the allegations and said that students are not willing to take classes.

“I believe the students are misleading everyone with such false claims. Recently we dropped some students due to shortage of attendance and now they do not find any way out, therefore are accusing the administration,” said head of General Surgery department-Dr Sunil Gupta. He added that although students do not attend classes and when they are being reprimanded over this, they accuse the college administration.

“Yes in case of some function, the PG students are put on job, as it helps them also,” he said.

Similarly, head of Medicine department, Dr Anil Mahajan said that for the convenience of the students they have started evening classes in the college.

“I do not know whether the allegations are right or wrong, but I will see into it. Meanwhile, the students are not as interesting in taking classes as they were earlier and the reason is increasing competition and advancements in the field of medicine,” Mahajan said and added students often approach them for suspension of classes as a pretext to prepare for exams.

In this regard, Head of Orthopedic department-Dr Anil Gupta said that he will look into the complaint and if derelictions in duties were found he will take action.

When tried to contact Principal of the college-Dr Zahid Gillani, his mobile phone was switched off and Minister of Health-Bali Bhagat was unavailable for comments.

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