Accident in J&K, oil tanker collides with Restaurant

A major toad accident happened near Mukha chowk at Jammu-Pathankot National Highway in Samba where a HP gas oil tanker collided with a Restaurant.


The accident took place around 8:30 on Friday morning when the building was empty and only few people were around. According to reports, the oil tanker driver suddenly gave a brake and the restaurant building got destructed.

The Mukha chowk is filled with traffic. Accidents often take place here. A flyover here would be appreciated but the incident is intolerable” said a local.

By God’s grace no one was inside the building. It’s a loss of 4-5 lakhs. The building will fall once the tanker is away.” added the owner


A Fire and Extinguisher truck reached the spot if needed in emergency and JCB was called to clear the area.