Accommodations of public-authorities

Dear editor,
It is observed that accommodations provided by public-authorities to their staffers are at times not vacated after their retirements. Public-authorities have to spend a lot on litigation for getting these vacated, and the court-cases continuing for years make retired staffers or their families enjoy facility of free accommodations for many years even after death of retired staffer. Rule should be that any retirement-benefit including last salary, one-time payment of retirement-benefit or pension may only be paid after concerned staffer vacates accommodation provided by public-authority during the employment-period. All other facilities and goods with the retired staffer should also be withdrawn before payment of any retirement-dues, pension and last salary.
Such rules should be applicable for employees of autonomous bodies, public-sector-undertakings and others under central and state governments. These rules should also be applicable on Parliamentarians, ministers and others entitled for government-accommodations. Any relaxation in rules should be only after permission of High Courts that too for some fixed period. It is observed that politicians seated in legislature mainly ex-Parliamentarians do not vacate their government-accommodations in stipulated period making government unnecessary spend huge money for accommodating newly elected Parliamentarians in hotels who further misuse this facility by not leaving rooms in luxurious five-starred hotels even after getting government-accommodations!!
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