Accused of monetary fraud, assistant registrar yet to be penalized

Balwant Singh Bhau

University of Jammu (JU) has failed to initiate any action against its assistant Registrar, a blue- eyed boy of the Vice Chancellor, who has been accused of committing monetary fraud by asking for remuneration of two duties (at Jammu and Srinagar) at a single instance.

After detection of the alleged fraud, Vice-Chancellor ordered inquiry through a committee that comprises of his ‘Yes-Men’ to get the Registrar exonerated. But, despite lapse of 15 days, sources said that the committee has failed to convene a single meeting which speaks volume about the intentions of the Vice-Chancellor in digging out the truth and he is just buying time to get things settled down.

Highly placed sources revealed that in such cases, if an accused admits his mistake within 08 days of committing fraud, he is granted pardon. But, if he fails to admit the mistake, rules stipulate that university has no option but to order suspension of one-month salary and two increments.

Sources also disclosed that Registrar who is said to be Custodian of the University Act must step down from the position if he himself is involved in such a fraud. But, in this case the assistant Registrar is roaming freely in the campus without any guilt feeling.

Inside sources in JU revealed that Assistant Registrar of the University was found involved in a monetary fraud, but the Vice-Chancellor instead of taking action against the said official is trying hard to safeguard the corrupt official. Sources revealed that the said top official withdrew the remuneration for a duty which he never attended to.

“Now the issue has propped up owing to which he finds himself in tight spot but, the Vice Chancellor instead of taking action framed an inquiry committee comprising of his ‘Yes-Men’ so that the corrupt official could be exonerated in desired manner,” they revealed. Sources disclosed that the said top official had gone to attend the 79th meeting of the Jammu University Council at Srinagar during the second fortnight of October last year.

“The TA/DA bills of Council meeting reached the Finance Section of the University wherein another bill had reached wherein the said official had also claimed Remuneration of attending ‘Flying Squad’ duty at some examination centre in Jammu on exactly the same date on which he had attended the 79th JU Council meeting in Srinagar which created suspicion in the mind of officials of Finance Section.”

“Finally, the Finance Section decided to pass the bill pertaining to remuneration of ‘Flying Squad’ duty but held the TA/DA bill of attending JU Council meeting. The issue was then taken up with the Vice Chancellor who put the issue on backburner. With Beyond Headlines probed the matter and made the announcement to expose the corruption in JU at highest level, the Vice Chancellor suddenly woke up and ordered framing of ‘Yes-Man’ inquiry committee so as to obtain favorable report hence saving the skin of top corrupt official,” sources explained.

Pertinently, the Vice Chancellor was himself accused of sabotaging the selection process for the post of Assistant Registrar (AR). Then also he opted for ‘Yes-Man’ inquiry committee which exonerated the Vice Chancellor and very cleverly shifted the blame on his predecessor as well as faults in system.

Sources added that JU in its reply to State Vigilance Commission (SVC) in response to a complaint lodged against it had stated that a group of black-mailers was planting fake stories of corruption to defame the institution but have miserably failed to explain as to why they were resorting to cheap acts of corruption, favoritism and nepotism.

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