Achan garbage dumping site goldmine for ex-NC ministers?

Two National Conference leaders who have purchased several Kanals of land in Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) sole dumping site in Achans have been allegedly instigating locals to get the dumping site shifted to some other place in Srinagar.

These two leaders are using all the means to frighten officials of Srinagar Municipal Corporation so that they stop dumping garbage at Achan. Sources told Newspoint Bureau that these two leaders have purchased land in Achans and are desperately trying to get this area where garbage is dumped since last many years shifted to some other place.

Once Srinagar Municipal Corporation stops dumping garbage in Achan, sources said that these two leaders are planning to go ahead with the proposal of constructing a housing colony in this area. Sources further said that these two leaders have purchased the land at less than Rs. 30,000 per Kanal in Achan. If Srinagar Municipal Corporation decides to shift garbage dumping to some other place, sources said that the cost of the land purchased by these two leaders in Srinagar would go record high.

Building a housing colony or selling the plots carved out of the land purchased by these two leaders, would add crores to the kitty of these ex-ministers, said the sources. SMC had adopted open dumping of garbage in November last year after it faced shortage of space at the land-fill site. SMC in coordination with the Economic Reconstruction Agency (ERA) manages solid-waste in Srinagar.

While SMC collects garbage from the city, ERA helps in its disposal on scientific lines. A solid waste management expert of ERA, who works at the Achan land-fill, said the SMC has overlooked health and environmental hazards caused by open dumping of garbage. Sources said that Achan dumping site is the only place in Srinagar which the government has been using since decades to dispose the waste being collected from the entire Srinagar city- there is no other site wherein the wastes could be dumped.

In a planned manner, as per sources, the two NC leaders who were ministers in ex-Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s cabinet for six years purchased a large chunk of land near the site.


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