Act as watchdogs

Dear Editor,

Existing structure of the government of India has evolved over a long period. The British government took over the administration of India from the East India Company under the government of India Act, 1858. Thereafter, the British Parliament enacted several laws for governance of India. Some of the important legislative instruments in the pre-independence period were the Indian Council Act,1909, Government of India Act 1919,Government of India Act 1935.

With India attaining independence, the constitution of India laid the foundation of the structure of government of India. Despite of having a written constitution which contains fundamental principles, according to which an organization works, but still there are some organizations which are not performing their work accordingly.

People are facing a lot of problems because non-seriousness of various government offices. And if these government offices do not work in a systematic manner it results in bringing jeopardizes in the life of the common people. Thus, the representatives chosen by the general public should act as watchdog in the functioning of various government offices.


Nindiya Gupta

Gangyal, Jammu

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