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It is well established fact that Electro­ Magnetic Fields (EMF) radiation-exposure due to mobile-towers causes adverse effects on brains and pregnant women specially. Even Central Information Commission (CIC) in its order dated 20.02.2015 in appeal-number CIC/SA/A/2014/001119 discussed in detail about many reports including World Health Organization (WHO) press release “Radio Frequency Electro­ Magnetic Fields (EMF) as possible carcinogenic” to humans based on increased risks for glioma, a malignant type brain cancer.

Authorities in Mumbai have therefore made it compulsory that at least seventy percent of residents in apartments of a multi-storied building must agree for allowing mobile towers to be installed on roof-tops the building. Rent coming from installation of mobile-towers is proportionately shared between residents of the building. Rather such a policy should be for all cities and towns.

This is why mobile-companies have installed equipments for their mobile network on polls of flyovers. But it is observed in Delhi that builders at times do not sell roof-rights, and instead misuse roofs for renting out to mobile companies for installing mobile-towers. Stringent punishment should be there for such builders for misusing unsold roof-rights for renting out roofs to mobile companies for installing mobile-towers.

For example, all the residents at the multi-story building at Shiv Mahal Apartments, 2, Underhill Lane (Bansidhar Gupta Lane), Civil Lines, Delhi-110054 want to remove mobile-tower from their building. But the builder after having sold all the apartments has given roof on rent to mobile-companies for installing mobile-towers.

Concerned authorities should ask mobile-companies to compulsorily submit acceptance-letters from residents of buildings for installation of mobile-towers in a time-bound period. Mobile-tower/s installed at Shiv Mahal Apartments, 2, Underhill Lane (Bansidhar Gupta Lane), Civil Lines, Delhi-110054 should be immediately removed in case majority of residents there do not want mobile-tower/s at their roof-top.




Subhash Chandra Aggarwal

1775 Kucha Lattushah

Dariba, Chandni Chowk

DELHI 110006 (India)


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