After Ashoka, Modi’s period is ‘golden’: Farooq Khan

Vishal Bharti
Asserting that period under King Ashoka was considered to be golden, newly appointed Administrator of Lakshdaweep, police officer-turned-politician Farooq Khan today said centuries after, the period of modern India under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a ‘golden period’.
“The present era of modern India under Modi is a ‘golden period’ and it happened centuries after King Ashoka, the period under whose rule was said to be the golden one,” Khan in an interview said. The Modi-led government leaving aside the criticisms from the opposition is heading towards its goal and will script a new chapter of history in the development of India, he said and added, “promises made by the Modi government are being fulfilled.”
Major projects and schemes benefiting the people are in the pipeline, he said, adding, “The two-and-half-year period of BJP headed by Modi can be compared with six decades of Congress ruled India and one can see the difference.”
The Administrator said the Congress throughout its rule, either in the Centre or states, played the politics of ‘divide and rule.’
“Congress divided people in the name of religion and castes only for chair,” he alleged, adding: “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours’ remained the policy of the Congress party.”
On joining BJP after retiring as a senior ranked officer from the services of Jammu and Kashmir Police, Khan said, “Physically I may have joined BJP three years ago but since the day I grown up, my ideology and thought was based on nationalism as of saffron brigade.”
Claiming that joining BJP was just like ‘Ghar Wapsi’, the BJP stalwart said, “Even as an officer, I worked on the same thought and fought against terrorism in the Kashmir Valley.”
“Similarly, I found no change in my thought and kept connecting, socialising people, which helped me to get more informative into the politics.”
He said that over 90 per cent of the problems and issues get resolved due to people’s support and one can eradicate social evils.
On Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Khan said this was for the first time, some government in India talked about PoK and its people.
“Nothing less than PoK intalks with Pakistan,” he said adding that India will keep asking Pakistan to vacate PoK as it is its part.
“People of Balochistan do not consider themselves as a part of Pakistan and they are fighting for their rights since years,” he said, asserting that India has sympathy with the people of Baloch and their voice will be addressed.
On Kashmir issue and prevailing tension, the former IGP said, “Many terrorists like Burhaan Wani were eliminated by the security forces in the past but the conspiracy hatched thereafter but the minds working among secessionists, IS agents and troublemongers, have disrupted the peace in Kashmir.” May be the administration mishandled the situation but the life is on track and limping towards normalcy.

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