After Kashmir, Jammu now wants women bus service

Having started the first women bus service in the valley, the demand for having women bus service in Jammu region is gaining momentum.

The women folk want the frequency of the special women bus service to be extended to the whole of Jammu and Kashmir since it is a very good step taken by the Mehbooba Mufti led PDP-BJP government considering it as a need of an hour.

This step is considered as a positive step towards the betterment of women folks, as it would definitely relieve women for whom traveling in local buses was very inconvenient. The government should explore all possibilities and provide better options to extend the service to whole of Jammu and Kashmir.

While talking to the Newspoint bureau female college and university students said that, this would help us in saving our time as we wait for a matador which not overloaded with the passengers and being female passengers it is very inconvenient to travel in an over loaded matadors.

The further added that during morning when we are leaving for or college and university matadors are mostly loaded with school children which compel us to go for another matador. Meanwhile when asked from the regular female passengers they said that there are instances when the matadors are overloaded and we do not have any other option other than taking that matadors, sometimes they get to experience some obscene things from the male passengers.

She further added that there may be chances of traveling in matadors during night hours the mostly male passengers are drunk at night and traveling with them in same matador is very inconvenient, she said. She also said that senior citizens cannot travel in an overloaded matador so government should not only provide a special bus service for the female passengers but should also think about the senior citizens also, she stated.

She also recommended that state government should start this bus services as soon as possible and should also see that these bus services should have stops near every college and university primarily and should also have their stops near every hospitals so that senior citizens cannot get any sought of inconvenience.

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