After oil tankers now goods carrier observe strike

With continuing attacks on truck drivers of goods carriers including trucks and TATA 407 going from Jammu to Kashmir Valley, the stone pelters and miscreants are falling axe on their own feet and of their own people.
Irate over frequent attack on truck driver, resulting in injury to some
and damage to their vehicles, Goods Carrier observed demonstration, demanding security cover while going
to Valley.
They also threatened to suspend supply to Valley for a indefinite period.
Earlier, Oil Tanker observed strike
in this regard, demanding security
cover. Every day the situation in Kashmir Valley is going towards anarchy, making complete administrative machinery failure.
They have now demanded compensation of damaged vehicles and injury to the drivers and fool proof security, a condition to resume their supply.
With this strike of Oil Tankers and Goods Carrier, common man in Kashmir Valley would be worst affected as they would find hard to get essential items like petrol, medicines and eatable things to survive, making their lives miserable.
Kashmir is reeling in unrest for last more than two months, creating chaos and anarchy. Perhaps the masterminds of this unrest have forgotten that who is the loser in this suspension of supply, unrest and disturbance. No one but only Kashmiri people who would bear the brunt and pay heavy prices in the days to come but the vested interest instigating this unrest are not concerned about the plight of the people and future of their youths but hell bent on achieving their agenda. Regrettably, the civil society as well as parents/guardians of the youths have also failed to stop the youths for not taking law into their own hand and indulge in anti social activities.
The innocent youths are not aware that brainchild behind this unrest are enjoying luxurious lives in palatial house while their children are studying abroad, not having any iota of effect on them of this unrest.
The coming generation of Kashmir would not pardon these agents of Pakistan, responsible for waging war on the name of freedom.
It is not understood for which freedom they are fighting for ? Who is ruling them ? It is only there own elected representative who are their ruler and nobody else.
A day would come that the people of Kashmir would realize the folly of following the agenda and calendar of separatists leaders but till that time it would be too late.
Moreover continued attack on oil tankers and goods carrier truck, disrupting supply of essential items, closing of educational institutions, business establishment and government officials would leave no where to the people of Kashmir Valley but only make the situation like war torn Afghanistan.
It is high time that civil society, prominent citizens of Kashmir Valley to come forward to educate the unruly youths that by attacking oil tankers and good careers nothing can be achieved but on the contrary it is only Kashmiri people, who would suffer.
We hope that local administration would provide fool-proof security cover to oil tankers and goods carrier going to Kashmir Valley.

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