After Uttarakhand, now Arunachal Pradesh

Dear Editor,
It refers to second setback to central government when after Uttarakhand, now Arunachal Pradesh witnessed restoration of earlier Congress through verdict by Supreme Court, with Apex Court now drawing lines for governors and speakers.
But best solution is to adopt improved version of model decided by Supreme Court in the case ‘UP government (Kalyansingh) vs Jagdambapal’ when for the only time a Chief Minister in the country was elected by secret votes of members of state-assembly in UP. Improved model can be to elect Chief Minister simultaneously with new Speaker and Deputy Speaker by all members of the lower House by secret vote through Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) on nomination signed by at least 34-percent members. Such an elected Chief Minister may only be removed by a no-confidence motion passed through same procedure but with compulsion
to name alternate leader in the
same motion.
MLAs not participating in such an election may be disqualified for voting in the assembly even though retaining membership of the House. If the model is successful, then it can be adopted permanently for electing Prime Minister,
Chief Ministers, Speakers and Deputy Speakers in the country for eliminating permanently problem of hung assemblies and mid-term elections.
Model will eliminate hung state-assemblies and unholy political games of making and unmaking of governments apart from preventing horse-trading
of members of legislative-assemblies. Ruling parties will have to select
candidates for these dignified posts which may have acceptability
amongst opposition parties as well. Suggestion will also pave way for
holding simultaneous polls to Lok Sabha and state-assemblies.
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba Delhi 110006 (India)

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