Aftermath of Uri attack

Uri terror attack, which left 18 soldiers dead and equally wounded, has caused widespread gloom and anger across the country.
There is an outrage among public every where, demanding strong action against Pakistan to teach it a lesson, once for all so that frequent killing of soldiers and innocent civilians could be avoided.
When there is huge resentment among public, the media is not immune and is trying every possible way to demean Pakistan at the International forum. In this rat race, some section of media houses have already waged and eventually won a war against the enemy nation.
The much ‘war-mongering’ hype going on at news channels make no sense and cannot help to defeat the enemies on ground.
The series of terrorist strikes, one after another like last year at Udhampur, Gurdaspur, Pathankot Air Base, Pampore attack and now deadly attack at Uri has shaken the country.
The precarious situation for the government of India is that Pakistan continues to launch terror attacks and blackmail India for using nuclear bomb in case of their response.
Pakistan is fully exploiting this situation and leaving no stone unturned to harass and bleed India as and when it gets opportunity to infiltrate terrorist into our territory. One thing is very clear that Pakistan would not mend its ways as their military officers and civilian leaders continue to harp that they would continue to support Kashmiri in their struggle till Kashmir problem is not resolved.
So there is no solution to this problem unless India takes a strong action against Pakistan. To put pressure on Pakistan, Modi government has launched multi pronged strategy like diplomatically isolation of Pakistan and exploring of military operation.
The demand of scrapping of Indus Water Treaty and Most Favoured Nation status given to Pakistan is also coming from
various sections of society.
But as far as diplomatic efforts are concerned, this is not reliable method seeing the past experience gained by our country.
To cite an example, before start of 1971 Indo-Pak War, our late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi undertook visit of 22 Western Countries to pressurize Pakistan to take back its one crores refugees came in India from East Pakistan (Now Bangla Desh) when Pakistani Army unleashed atrocities on them. But there was no major achievement and finally the country under the leadership of late Indira Gandhi plunged into a war and liberated Bangladesh to felicitate honourable return of refugees.
We must understand that nobody would come to our rescue. It is only our nations which sooner or later have to take action for our security.
But today situation is quite different as both India and Pakistan are nuclear power.
Moreover Modi Government should not take action in haste under pressure from public. The bitter experience of Indian Peace Keeping Force sent to Sri Lanka is not forgotten as our novice late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi took decision in haste and India suffered heavy casualty in that operation. It is also pertinent to mention here that India cannot continue to be blackmailed with nuclear threat and see its soldiers and civilians killed.
The lesson has to be taught to our rogue neighbour for that the matter should be left at Army.
DGMO has already announced to take action as per their time and place to be decided.
We hope that both civilian and military leadership of the country in tandem would teach Pakistan a lesson for its sinister design toward India.

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