Ailing animal husbandry

The livestock is the mainstay of livelihood of maximum people of our state and also playing key role in the economy of the state as 80 percent of our population resides in rural areas and about 60 percent revenue is generated by agriculture and animal husbandry. Both agriculture and animal husbandry sector are inter linked to each other.
Animal husbandry is potential source of additional income and also provides insurance against crop failures.
Moreover unemployed youths can be benefited with it as there is immense scope of income generation and employment opportunities.
A majority of areas of J&K is hilly terrain which is suitable for rearing of cattle, sheep and goats. Our tribal community like Gujjar, Bakerwal and Gaddi are engaged exclusively on rearing livestock for centuries. In addition, large number of small farmers and landless farmers are also rearing cattle for supplementing of their income. But despite having its importance our animal husbandry is ailing and we are depend upon other states to import meat, eggs ad milk product for our growing demand.
There are many shortcomings in this vital sector. First of all there is no breeding system for cattle and therefore there is dire need of cross breed in the state to improve breeding of animals.
The efforts of the improvement of breed of animals are wasted without proper nutrition. The annual fodder need of J&K is deficit by 60 percent while a large number of livestock rears in the state are small and landless farmers who have very limited source of fodder, hence feed and fodder are the main factor for reduction of production.
Besides, fodder availability in the off season is really a great problem
for the Jammu so there is urgent need to produce feed and fodder resource in
the state.
To tide over the situation, training on scientific cultivation of fodder should be imparted to the farmers and improved hybrid seeds of different fodder crops should be timely provided to the farmers while researches should also be made in conversion of agriculture products into cattle feed.
In addition, the major hindrance in animal husbandry is animal diseases for that regular veterinary check up are required to avoid loss to our farmers and rears of animals as several animals dies with numerous diseases for want of proper treatment.
A large number of veterinary hospital are under staff, having no modern equipment, infrastructures and medicines.
In some cases the veterinary hospital are too far away from the locality of the people thereby depriving the farmers from the benefit of Veterinary Hospital.
There is urgent need on the part of the government to improve veterinary
hospitals of the state.
Effective steps taken by the government would not only help to make our state self-reliant in meat and milk products but we can also export to other states and earned revenue.
The successive government has ignored this vital industry as a result, the condition of animal husbandry is going from bad to worse. We beseech to the state government to pay heed to animal husbandry and take steps to improve this ailing industry so that marginalized farmers could generate income.

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