AJCSF demands a definite solution to J&K problem

All Jammu Civil Society Forum (AJCSF) has demanded a definite solution to J&K problem acceptable to all the three regions of the State-Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.
Addressing a news conference here today, Thakur Gulchain Singh Charak Former Minister, President Dogra Sadar Sabha and Forum’s Convener said that a neat and clean, honest, non-discriminatory and corruption free government that is fair to all and which is capable of providing balanced share in power and development to all the three regions of the state is the immediate need of the hour.
Charak told reporters that AJCSF yesterday met the All Party Parliamentary Delegation (APD) which was led by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and submitted a memorandum to the APD which contained all the genuine demands and aspirations of the state.
He said that there is a full collapse of governing machinery and near total hibernation of the politicians of all main parties including sitting MLAs and Ministers from their respective constituencies.
He further said that as the common man has no access to Civil Secretariat, which is shut and all routine matters including payments that need government’s approval, Forum’s Convener said that they requested the delegation to issue directions to the State Government for making the Summer Secretariat at Jammu functional with full powers so that the public may heave a sigh of relief.
Expressing concern over the attacks on Jammu based truckers and oil tankers and the damages caused to their vehicles in Kashmir by the miscreants and rioters and the losses suffered by the Jammu region, . Charak said: “The trade, commerce and business in Jammu region has come to a standstill with whopping amounts of pending payments from Kashmir. The pipeline supplies of goods and merchandised received from within the country and abroad are stuck in warehouses due to frozen money circulation.
Tourism, hotels and pilgrimage which were the mainstay, have largely suffered. The losses are enormous and have caused devastation to the small scale suppliers, businessmen and tradesmen who have been pushed to starvation. Development works have halted for want of release of funds by the government. Even routine payments like meager annuity to widows and gallant soldiers have not been paid after April 2015.”
“Although the ‘epicenter’ of the problem is truncated in the Kashmir Valley, its tremors and devastation jolts are felt throughout the State and has the potential of national dimensions,” Charak informed the delegation adding that as a face saving exercise there have been number of delegations, self styled specialists among lime light seekers, interlocutors and working groups for the Kashmir cause.

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