Akshay sheds weight for a scene in ‘Rustom’

Akshay Kumar is known to be a committed fitness freak. The superstar, who is very particular about his diet and exercise regime, also believes in getting the right look for every character he plays.However, for a courtroom sequence in the upcoming
Tinu Suresh Desai directorial ‘Rustom’, the actor went a few extra miles. He plays a naval officer in this film which is based on the trial of an Indian Navy Commander after he killed his wife’s lover in November 1959.We hear Akshay lost quite a few kilos for this court scene as he was expected to have high cheekbones for it. So, the actor banished carbs and high-calorie food items from his diet and exercised harder to get theright look. And as you can see,a picture speaks a thousand words.

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