All of Kashmir is India’s: Sushma

: Foreign minister Sushma Swaraj gave an unequivocal response to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif today, accusing his government of “the unabashed embrace of terrorism”, the use of “dirty money” and unleashing the recent violence in Jammu and Kashmir where nearly 50 people have died and 3,000 been injured in clashes after the shooting of 22-year-old terrorist Burhan Wani.

The foreign minister said the Pakistani Prime Minister “praised as a martyr, a wanted terrorist”. She also said that Pakistan can “dream to the end of eternity” of Kashmir one day being Pakistan’s, a comment made by Mr Sharif yesterday. Wani was shot dead on July 8 triggering a searing cycle of violence – the worst in six years – in the Kashmir valley with thousands of people, many of them stone-pelting protesters, defying curfew to retaliate against security forces.

After eulogising Wani, Mr Sharif called for Pakistan to observe a “black day” earlier this week to protest against what Islamabad has described as the “widespread violation” human rights in Kashmir. Home Minister Rajnath Singh told parliament this week that Pakistan has sponsored the unrest and all opposition parties have backed India’s stand – a cohesion praised recently by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Wani, used social media effectively and expansively to recruit young men like himself who accuse the state of indiscriminate force in dealing with dissent.

The Home Minister has said that security forces have been urged to proceed with caution. Swaraj said today that 1,700 personnel of the police and the forces have also been injured in recent days.

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