All Party Delegation visit to JK Stakeholders from Jammu expect ‘equal’ treatment to all regions

Pardeep Singh Bali

Various stakeholders from Jammu region have expressed huge expectations from the all party delegation, which has been announced by the center close on the heels of curfew being lifted from almost the entire Kashmir Valley.

The Jammu based stakeholders, including traders, hoteliers and transporters have expressed hope towards this visit and expected that this visit will usher peace in the state. However, they anticipated that the visiting delegation must provide equal treatment to all the three regions of the state, instead of focusing concentration on the Kashmir Valley.

Talking to Newspoint, General Secretary of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI)-Arun Gupta said that they welcome the visit of the all party delegation and expect that things in Kashmir would be resolved. “I believe that war and violence is not the solution to any problem. At the end of the day, only talks and negotiations are the key to any issue,” he said and added he expect the leaders of all party delegation to take this visit above party politics and understand the pain of the people.

“If the leaders of the all party delegation are emphatic to the pain of the people and talks to them as their own people, I am sure there would be a cent percent solution to the prevailing unrest,” he said and added the leaders have to shun petty politics to reach to the common people.

He further said that the all party delegation should schedule their visit in such a manner that grievances of all the three regions must be heard.

“I do not think it would be convenient for a stakeholder from Jammu and Ladakh to go to Kashmir and meet the delegation, as it is surrounded by many troubles, including security. So it is advisable for the delegation to spare equal time for all the three regions,” Gupta said and added delegation must meet all the stakeholders, so that there would be no scope of resentment in future from any other part of the state.

Terming dialogue only way out to resolve the prevailing situation in Kashmir, president hotel association Katra-Rakesh Wazir said that the dialogue must not stop at any cost.

“We welcome the visit of delegation and expect that they will take this matter seriously and will certainly resolve it. The delegation must come up with a concrete road map. There should not be any mess in scheduling this meet and who has to meet and who no should be pre-decided,” said Wazir, adding along with meeting parties in Kashmir, the delegation must meet stakeholders from other regions as well, who are directly and indirectly associated with the Kashmir unrest, especially traders, hoteliers and transporters.

“The delegation instead of inviting these bodies to Kashmir, must schedule their visit to Jammu and Ladakh, so that affected people of these regions may also get heard,” Wazir said, “Jammu is indirectly facing equal losses as Kashmir valley is witnessing. So, delegation must meet stakeholders from Jammu as well.”

Welcoming the visit of all party delegation, president oil tank drivers’ union-Khairudin Wani said that they are thankful to the delegation for looking after the affairs of Jammu and Kashmir persistently.

“We thank the delegation for considering the importance of brining peace in Jammu and Kashmir. I wish hat the delegation must find a solution to the problems, which has been created by handful of the miscreants,” Wani said and added that it is unfortunate that transport is not looked as a good profession in India, despite its significance.

“Transporters, especially tanker owners and drivers had been attacked in Kashmir valley by unruly mob. When we went to administration for security, we received only assurances,” he said, “When our drivers were first attacked we suspend supplies and requested administration for security. The administration promised that security will be provided, we soon resumed the service, but again our drivers were attacked and vehicles damaged in Kashmir, but administration in the name of security only provided assurances.”

“We had video conferencing with divisional commissioner Kashmir and IGP Kashmir in this regard, but again only assurances were given, while our people are being attacked again and again,” he added, “The delegation must contemplate on this issue and grievances from the Jammu stakeholders must be listened and they should be brought on board.”

Pertinent to mention here that the delegation, to be led by Union home minister Rajnath Singh, is expected to visit Jammu and Kashmir on September 4, to meet a cross-section of people, individuals and organizations.

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