Ambedkar Gupta qualifies WKF Coach Examination

Ambedkar Gupta, President, Amateur Karate Do Association of Jammu and Kashmir (AKAJK), qualifies World Karate Federation (WKF) Coach Examination held at Linz, Austria. It is matter of pride that only four persons from India have qualified the examination and son of our state is one of them. He is the first person from our state having achieved this milestone. The examination was held during the ongoing 23rd WKF Senior Karate Championship being held at Austria from 26th to 30th October, 2016. In the event around 110 countries have participated. The accredited coach license authenticates him to represent our country as coach in world level Karate tournaments which will be highly beneficial for the players as well as coaches of our state as well as country as they will be able to get the international level of experience through Gupta.

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